Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday I recognized I had stopped writing because of the huge amount of material I had already received. Then I realized a blog would be a wonderful way to continue writing, to share, to be uplifted and express love, peace, and joy. So, here goes . . .

There is a great deal of negative energy in the world today - wars, riots, natural disasters, pain, suffering, anger, and hatred. Many of us are also facing huge challenges, obstacles or discomfort. At times we may feel overwhelmed and powerless because of what we see and experience. During these times we can see the world’s view or we can CHOOSE to accept a higher perspective. This can be done through the powerful lens of gratitude. Adopting this view can change everything.

Gratitude is the key to living in the world, but not of the world. Gratitude brings peace and serenity as you turn to God (whatever name you call this incredible, magnificent, divine power). Gratitude allows divine energy to work and express its perfection in your life. Gratitude is a magic key that opens your heart up to giving and receiving love. It involves being grateful for ALL things in your life, letting go, and experiencing the healing power of love in all situations.

Feel gratitude this day for your life and your abundance. This day, with all its seeming problem and difficulties, is absolutely perfect if viewed from God’s divine perspective. Feel the joy of life, and view the wonders of your world.

The future is unsure, but this beautiful moment shines in radiant perfection, holding gifts and blessings that only can be experienced as you let go of how things ought to be and joyfully experience life just as it is this moment. This does not mean you do nothing, it simply means that you flow with life as it is and joyfully follow your personal vision.

The abundance and the joys of life are everywhere. They are often found in the small, simple things in life. Savor, appreciate and give thanks. Express gratitude and make it the way you live your life this day. Observe your experiences change as you give thanks in all things and for all things. Gratitude inaugurates a cycle that continues to grow and gain power. Gratitude fuels love and love fuels gratitude. Let go today and allow thankfulness to flow from you. Write down your blessings, record your gratitude, and observe your day expand in joyful appreciation.

Below I’ve included the Gratitude page from my new book, A Gift of Love.   I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories on how gratitude and giving thanks has changed your experiences and your life.


Gratitude is an important key to living a fulfilling life of love and joy. It is the creative force that unlocks the door to all of life’s incredible blessings. A grateful heart allows you to see your glass filling rather than emptying. Gratitude brings joy and delight and allows you to experience all of life’s gifts.
Look around and give thanks. Be aware of all you have, all you are receiving, and all you are. Let go of all distractions, problems and worries. Be aware of all the blessings in your life. Count your blessings is not a trite saying, but an eternal law of abundance.
Gratitude is the healing balm in all situations and allows you to move gracefully to love, joy and peace. No matter what is occurring in your life, no matter what situation you find yourself in, gratitude is possible. It is the key to living a life of joy, regardless of the outward circumstances.
Do you want to love life? Give thanks. Do you want to experience the total abundance of your life? Be grateful. Do you want to receive more blessings from God? Thank Him! Revel in the beautiful wonder of this moment. This is the time to experience gratitude for the treasures of the universe which are yours for the asking and the receiving.