Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I awakened early this morning and went outside while it was still dark.  The sky was black and the predawn stars twinkled with delight.  Everything was still in the remaining moments before daybreak.  Slowly, in hushed silence, the emerging light began to silhouette the mountain with a faint gold halo.  Gradually pinks and lavenders burst forth.  Long before the actual rising of the sun, the beautiful light and color was seen, boldly announcing the beginning of another day.

This day I give grateful thanks for this moment of peace and serenity.  I quietly bask in the emerging light.  I see and feel and hear all of nature stirring, arising once again to partake of this day. I breathe deeply as I take in the miraculous breath of life.  I see with eyes of wonder the incredible beauty and abundance surrounding me.  I hear the symphony of nature announcing another glorious day.  I feel the grass beneath my feet, reminding me to remain grounded even as my spirit soars with gratitude.  

The sky lightens and brightens, as do I. The sun bursts forth in a dazzling display of pinks and oranges and crimsons.  I am so blessed!  I receive yet another day with gratitude and joy.  I feel the peace and wonder of this moment.  I am filled and fulfilled.  Thank you God!

Friday, September 9, 2011


September is here, and the warm summer fades into the magnificent days of fall.  Each season is beautiful and unique, but fall brings about splendors of nature that are breathtaking and unique. This is an incredible day … one unlike any other.  Feel the joy and wonder of this precious moment. 

It’s time to celebrate!  Joy is your birthright and love is your true nature. Enjoy this wonderful day and celebrate life! Feel the magnificence of living, breathing, doing and feeling!  Remember how truly precious life is. Celebrate! Joyously enter into the excitement of life, and have fun. Go and play; feel like a kid again and do something simply for the joy of doing it.  Luxuriate in the excitement of your life. View its magnificent wonder. Fully experience each glorious moment. Joyously celebrate your life!

Breathe deeply with gratitude and delight. Enjoy this day; laugh and celebrate. You are so blessed. You are not alone. Joyfully count your numerous blessings. The moment of celebration is here. Life is yours today. Celebrate and give thanks!

Now is the time to sing, dance and feel exhilaration and connection as you go through your day. Today is the day, and now is the time. Whatever situation you find yourself in, give thanks and find something to celebrate! Do not put off for tomorrow the joy and happiness you can experience today. 

Become as a child, and live with exuberance, trust, belief and the joy of being. Life is your playground, and this is your day. Receive all that is being generously offered to you at this time.  

Be fully present in each moment, and celebrate the gift of life. You are cut from the cloth of God, a spark of divinity clothed in human form. Embrace the ecstatic celebration of self. God is leading and directing your life. Celebrate and joyfully live this day!


Taken from A Gift of Love by Rain Sundberg