Saturday, December 31, 2011


      Happy New Year! These words will be shouted, whispered, sung and spoken millions of times as the New Year approaches. “Happy New Year!” we optimistically shout. Perhaps this is the year we will truly be happy, fulfilled, and find contentment and peace. We look forward with expectancy, letting the old year fall away, but do we pass the last few minutes of the year with praise and thanksgiving for what we have right now? Shout happy day! Thank you God! Forget about the New Year. It will arrive soon, but not till midnight. Praise God now. Shout your thanks ... Happy New Year’s Eve! Appreciate this priceless day. 

    What about making New Year’s resolutions? Why not simply make a new day’s resolution? A year is so long and commitments made are often forgotten, but a new day’s resolution is something you can accomplish. Resolve this day to love God and to turn to Him for guidance and direction. Resolve to thank God and praise Him for all things. Resolve to seek and do His will.

    This is the day God has given to you. Rejoice and give thanks. Recognize this day’s unique perfection. Keep your eyes and your heart centered on the present moment. Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s time to celebrate. God has given you another day. Live ... love ... breathe ... see ... be ... smell ... hear ... taste ... feel ... rejoice ... give thanks!

     Tomorrow and the New Year will soon be here. Don’t forget and neglect this glorious moment as you anticipate tomorrow and the coming year. The journey continues; the place is here and the time is now. Open your arms and receive God’s gifts and blessings. Watch Him perform miracles in your life.  He is with you. Happy New Day! Happy New Year’s Eve!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


      The wondrous season of Christmas is here. Christmas is a time of festive celebration and honoring joyous miracles. It is a time of giving and receiving love.  

      This is the season of love, joy and peace, and yet many people totally forget the reason for the season and become caught up in the Christmas mad rush. To many Christmas only means stressful shopping, overextending credit cards and fulfilling obligations, but Christmas is so much more than this. Christmas is a time to remember the birth of the Christ child and to celebrate His gift to the world of His love and compassion.

      Walk this day in wonderment, observing the incredible gifts and diversity of God. Be filled with God’s love and peace. Share your love and compassion with all you encounter. Many are waiting for your unique expression of love. Shine forth and sing your song of joy and celebration. You are loved; you are love. Revel and delight in this day; appreciate this joyous season. Spread peace, love and joy wherever you go.  

      The new year approaches, but do not miss out on the glorious days as you rush to finish the old year. Enjoy each day to the fullest. Celebrate the season of Christmas with joy and gratitude. Experience the true spirit of Christmas as you share your love, friendship, kindness, joy, compassion and forgiveness.