Tuesday, August 16, 2011


    It's summertime and warm days, brilliant sunshine and lush gardens remind me of long past summers.  One of my favorite childhood activities was drinking a cool glass of lemonade under the shade of our large weeping willow tree in the front yard.

    Saturday, August 20, is National Lemonade Day ... so how about joining with me in making some sweet, summer lemonade.


    You’ve probably heard the statement, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  You shake your head and agree, but do you really understand the powerful message in these words?  This is a casual statement, but it holds incredible power.  These words contain the power to change your life.

   If life gives you lemons, the first thing to do is to give thanks as they are gifts from God.  Then, look carefully at the words.  The phrase doesn’t say, “If life gives you lemons, receive lemonade,” it says, “make lemonade.”  You must do your part.  Action and intent are required.  Adding something sweet is required.  This sweet ingredient is love.

    Lemons don’t magically become sweet lemonade.  Life doesn’t magically become better.  There has to be action and there has to be love.  Even if you add water and effort, without adding the sweet ingredient of love, all you’ve got is a glass of lemon water. 

    What cup will you drink from today?  You are the one who chooses.  You are the one who decides by your actions and reactions.  Is your life full of lemons today?  What will you do with them?  It is important to add the sweet ingredient of God’s love.  Give thanks and praise Him!  Look around and discover your opportunities and blessings.  Fill your life with God’s love.  Do you want lemons or lemonade?  It’s all up to you.

From Whisperings of the Spirit - A Daily Walk in the Light by Rain Sundberg

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  1. I loved this message. Really uplifted my day. Makes me want to read this again and have a tall glass of lemonade on this wonderful day.