Monday, August 8, 2011


    There are many voices in the world today, and often the quiet whispers of the spirit are not heard.  Silence and stillness are the gateway which allows you to listen and receive divine guidance and inspiration.


   Have you ever had a day where you just couldn’t sit still?  Perhaps you would sit down, and then very quickly you would get up and begin moving around. You might pace, wander, wiggle, walk, or just move in place.  What was it that caused you to move?  Perhaps your muscles were tight, your blood supply might have been cut off, or you simply needed food in your system, but you were strongly prompted to move around.

  Well, God does the same thing.  He prompts us to move.  He does this by small whisperings or nudgings, and occasionally with a voice loud and clear.  At these times we have the choice of ignoring His voice or we can listen.  If we listen, we have another decision.  Do we sit still and do nothing, or do we get up and follow His direction?  If we are following God’s path we let His spirit move us.  We listen and then follow the guidance we are given.

   When we allow God’s spirit to move us, we exercise faith and trust.  We often do not know how, why, what, where, or when, but we do know Who is leading us.  We have faith and trust that God is in charge of our life and we simply follow where He leads us.  When we let His spirit lead us, we put God at the center of our life.

   Are you feeling restless today?  Are there recurring thoughts that keep popping up, that perhaps might be from God?  Are you being impressed to do something?  Is the spirit trying to move you?  Listen quietly in the silence.  Feel God’s spirit surround you — loving, guiding and directing.  Turn your life over to His care.  Walk with God beside you.  Follow where He leads.

   Be willing to allow God to inspire and strengthen you.  Forget how, why, what, where and when, and simply trust in God.  He is prompting you, so listen carefully.  He is showing the way, so follow His guidance.  He is with you, so receive His peace.  You are not alone.  God loves you and He is with you.  Allow God’s spirit to move you today!
From Whisperings of the Spirit – A Daily Walk in the Light by Rain Sundberg

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