Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walk Your Troubles Away

    I was recently reminded of the great joy in walking and movement.  Last week a cherished friend invited me to go walking with her. The day was overcast and the light was dim.  Rain threatened to pour down at any time, but we started anyway. After some detours to get on the path, we began our journey.  It was incredible to walk and be totally aware of all the beauty surrounding us. The moments were magical and the scenery was breathtaking.  I felt healing and restoration and when we finished I was totally invigorated. The rain began just as we got back to our cars ... what an amazing experience! This delightful trek reminded me of something I wrote in Whisperings of the Spirit.  

    Have you ever had one of those days, a day of the blahs? You aren’t sick, you’re not really depressed, but you don’t feel great. You’re just not feeling alive. Worries run through your mind and life seems overwhelming. What do you do at these times? Do you accept and grumble, wait for the feeling to pass, or thank God and hang on?
    There is a way to speed the process. You can walk your troubles away. Walking can bring a healing comfort to your soul. Don’t think about walking, simply begin. As you walk, let go of everything. Release the distractions in your mind. Be totally and completely in the moment. See, feel, hear, smell and be aware! Shed your cares. Step forth with exuberance and joy.
    Find your own natural rhythm. Listen to your body and discover your effortless pace. Be aware of your surroundings. See God’s handiwork all around you. Notice the little things as you pass. Keep your eyes open and your senses aware. Feel the perfection of your own body as you move. Renew yourself as you become one with all God has created. Thank God for your life, your ability to move, and the beautiful world surrounding you.
    Keep your feet moving, your mind still, and walk your troubles away. Difficulties fall into perspective as you experience the joy and freedom of movement. After walking, if you choose, you can pick up your worries again with a fresh perspective. You may even look carefully and decide to leave a few of them on the ground.
    Today, choose to walk with God by your side. Step out in faith and experience the wonders of your body. Recognize the beauty of the gifts God daily bestows upon you. Walk with God today. Give your troubles to Him as you walk together.

From Whisperings of the Spirit by Rain Sundberg


  1. I love this message. Your words feed my spirit and remind me to live in the moment and remember God's daily gifts.

  2. Walking always quiets my mind, nature has a way of resetting and unfocusing my thoughts. What a gift to live in an area where my backyard is a incredible nature outlet.